Terms and Conditions of Waitlist and Enrolment

Enrolment Form details

  1. I confirm that:
  • I am the/a person with the care, custody and control of the Child nominated on the Enrolment Form (my Child); and
  • The details provided on the Enrolment Form for my Child are all true and correct.
  1. I understand and acknowledge that:
  • Wattle Montessori will record attendance details for each session of care provided for my Child, and submit these regularly to Services Australia using the CRN and CCS claimant details I have provided; and
  • If I provide incorrect details, Wattle Montessori is not required to submit or resubmit to Services Australia any attendance data regarding my Child.

Child Care

  1. I delegate the custody and control of my Child to Wattle Montessori, whilst Wattle Montessori cares for my Child, and agree to accept the employees and facilities Wattle Montessori provides to care for my Child.
  2. I acknowledge that, although Wattle Montessori warrants that it will always, and to the best of its ability, use all reasonable care in respect of my Child, there are inherent and unforeseeable dangers and difficulties in providing the Services, and Wattle Montessori cannot always guarantee the wellbeing of my Child.
  3. I authorise Wattle Montessori to take any action it considers necessary, appropriate or in the best interests of my Child in the circumstances to protect my Child or any other Child at a Child Care Centre or otherwise under its care or control.

 Medical acknowledgements and consents

  1. I accept that a decision of Wattle Montessori, that my Child is unfit to attend or remain at a Child Care Centre, is final, and I agree to ensure my Child is collected promptly after being informed of such a decision.
  2. I acknowledge and agree that it is my responsibility to advise Wattle Montessori of any medication taken by my Child prior to arrival, upon placing my Child into Wattle Montessori’s care.
  3. I acknowledge and agree that in the event of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease at a Child Care Centre, Wattle Montessori may be required to notify the relevant state government’s health department (Department of Health) of any children in that Child Care Centre that have not been fully immunised. If my Child is not fully immunised, my Child may be excluded from attending Wattle Montessori for such time as the Department of Health determines, and the childcare fee must still be paid for the Booked Days.
  4. I accept that if my Child has a contagious illness, I will not return my Child to Wattle Montessori until:
  • Wattle Montessori advises me that my Child may return to Wattle Montessori; or
  • Wattle Montessori has been provided with a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner confirming my Child is no longer contagious.
  1. I consent to first aid being administered to my Child by any person who holds a current first aid certificate or is a registered nurse.
  2. If my Child’s temperature is at or above 38.5oC and Wattle Montessori is unable to contact me, or any person listed on my Child’s Enrolment Form as being authorised to provide medical consent, within a reasonable time, I permit Wattle Montessori to administer paracetamol to my Child in accordance with the dosage recommendations of the manufacturer.
  3. In the event of any illness or injury to my Child whilst my Child is in the care, custody, or control of Wattle Montessori, and if in the opinion of Wattle Montessori, it is necessary to do so, I authorise Wattle Montessori to seek urgent:
  • medical or dental treatment from the registered medical practitioner on my Child’s Enrolment Form, from another registered medical practitioner or from a hospital or ambulance service.
  • assistance from any person nominated on my Child’s Enrolment Form; and/or ambulance transportation.

I acknowledge Wattle Montessori will inform me as soon as possible about the nature of the illness or injury to my Child.

  1. I understand and accept that an employee can only administer medication to my Child if:
  • The medication has been authorised by my Child’s parent or guardian and, where required, a registered medical practitioner; and
  • The details of the medication and its administration have been accurately recorded in a Medication Authorisation Form.
  1. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to inform Wattle Montessori in writing of any medical conditions or allergies affecting my Child, or any changes to these, and to provide:
  • An up-to-date written medical action plan or management instructions issued by a medical professional; and
  • Any medication required.

I further acknowledge that it is my responsibility to provide Wattle Montessori with replacement medication prior to its expiry or usage completion, and that my Child may be excluded from attending if the required medications are not available at Wattle Montessori.

  1. I agree to reimburse Wattle Montessori for any charges, costs or expenses incurred by it in obtaining any medical, hospital or related treatment for my Child.
  2. I authorise Wattle Montessori to apply:
  • An SPF30+ sunscreen to all unprotected areas of skin on my Child as necessary; and/or
  • Non-prescription insect repellent, nappy rash cream, moisturiser and/or teething gel to my Child as necessary; unless I have expressly prohibited such application in writing.
  1. I authorise Wattle Montessori to respectfully check my Child’s head if it is concerned about the presence of head lice.
  2. I agree to provide Wattle Montessori upon enrolment, and if there are any changes or updates, upon request, a copy of my Child’s current immunisation statement from the Australian Immunisation Register available through Medicare.

 Other Authorisations

  1. I consent to Wattle Montessori taking my Child on local excursions, which do not include any type of transportation or the crossing of main roads.
  2. I consent to Wattle Montessori providing, or bringing third party service providers onto Wattle Montessori to provide, activities or programs that Wattle Montessori consider in the interests of my Child and I consent to my Child’s participation in any of those activities or programs.
  3. I consent to Wattle Montessori creating a profile for my Child in Storypark (or such other integrated Childcare management solution utilised by Wattle Montessori, which provides parents with access via an online application to their Child’s care and learning experience and development progress) and uploading content about my Child to that parent application. I acknowledge that this content includes, but is not limited to, information about my Child’s activities and interactions being published with or without the use of an accompanying photograph.
  4. I consent to my Child being photographed and/or filmed at a Child Care Centre or while in the care of Wattle Montessori, and any resulting images, together with my Child’s first name and information about my Child’s activities and interactions, being used by Wattle Montessori in connection with the Services, including for:
  • Display in a Child Care Centre or use in connection with Child Care Centre activities, programming, staff training and student assessments;
  • Keeping records of my Child’s Child Care Centre activities, including artwork (whether done in a group or individually);
  • Recording dietary or allergy information or for other health or wellbeing purposes; and/or
  • Publication on parent applications (such as Storypark); But excluding any use for marketing or promotional purposes, for which specific consent will be sought.
  1. I consent to my Child being collected from or brought to Wattle Montessori by any person listed in the ‘Authority to Collect’ or ‘Additional Contacts’ sections of the Enrolment Form, even if I have not given prior advice of such collection, and agree to advise Child Care Centre Employees if my Child is to be collected by any other person.
  2. I acknowledge that Wattle Montessori may require any person collecting my Child to be introduced to the appropriate Employees and provide photo identification before my Child being released to them.
  3. I acknowledge that where contact with listed parent(s) cannot be established, Wattle Montessori may rely on the instructions of the authorised additional contacts I have listed in the Enrolment Form. I also acknowledge and authorise that the additional contacts can provide consent in medical and/or emergency situations, for excursions and/or to collect my Child, as specified in the Enrolment Form. I further acknowledge that I am required to ensure that the listed additional contacts are up to date.
  4. I consent to my Child participating in Wattle Montessori emergency and evacuation procedures to Wattle Montessori’ designated assembly areas, in accordance with Wattle Montessori’s obligations under the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Enrolment Term

  1. Subject to the provisions of clause 44, I agree that my Child’s enrolment with Wattle Montessori (and my obligation to pay the Childcare Fees in full for the Booked Days):
  • Starts on the Commencement Date; and
  • Continues until terminated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  1. I acknowledge that it is a condition of my Child’s Standard Enrolment that they attend a minimum of 2 Booked Days per week, and that this includes either a Monday or a Friday.
  2. I understand and agree that:
  • My Child is enrolled in the designated Room; and
  • The opportunity to transition to the next age group Room will be offered to my Child based on availability over time, and otherwise at Wattle Montessori’s discretion.

Fees and charges

Enrolment Fee

  1. I acknowledge that an Enrolment Fee is payable by me to Wattle Montessori in relation to my Child’s enrolment, and that this fee is a non-refundable administration charge and will not be offset against the Childcare Fees payable for my Child.

Childcare Fees

  1. I agree to pay the Childcare Fees as directed by Wattle Montessori.
  2. I acknowledge that if I fail to pay the Childcare Fees on time, Wattle Montessori may immediately cease to provide the Services to, and/or terminate, my Child’s enrolment.
  3. I acknowledge that the Childcare Fees for Standard Enrolment are determined and set by Wattle Montessori at its discretion, and, unless Wattle Montessori advises otherwise, are payable in respect of public holidays (other than Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) and designated Child Care Centre closure days, which may fall on my Child’s Booked Days and when my Child is absent for any reason.
  4. Wattle Montessori may change the Childcare Fees at any time, including during the time in which my Child is enrolled.


  1. I acknowledge that:
  • I may be required to pay Childcare Fees and any other fees and charges payable under these Terms and Conditions by direct bank debit or credit card (at Wattle Montessori’s direction), and I will provide and maintain the necessary details and authorisation to allow Wattle Montessori to set up and administer the required payment process; and
  • The amounts I am charged may periodically vary due to factors such as changes to my CCS.
  1. I further acknowledge that there may be additional processing fees associated with my payments, and I agree to pay these (including for example the Administration Fee each time there are insufficient funds in my bank account or if my credit card is rejected by the bank) when Wattle Montessori seeks to processes any of the fees, charges or reimbursements payable in relation to my Child under these Terms and Conditions.

 Termination of Services

  1. I agree to give Wattle Montessori notice of my intention to terminate the Services in respect of my Child in the following manner:

For Standard Enrolment

  • I will give at least 4 weeks written notice.
  1. As a Notice Period, I agree to give Wattle Montessori at least 2 weeks prior written notice of my intention to alter my Child’s number of Booked Days (acknowledging that proposed reductions are subject to clause 37 and increases subject to availability).
  2. Where my Child is yet to commence care, I agree to give Wattle Montessori notice in the following manner:

For cancellations

  • I will give at least 1 week written notice and

To defer my Child’s Commencement Date

•   I will give at least 1 week written notice,each, as applicable, a Notice Period.

  1. I acknowledge and agree that where my Child is yet to commence care, and I elect to defer my Child’s Commencement Date, Wattle Montessori may hold any Childcare Fees I have paid in advance as a credit on my account.
  2. I acknowledge and agree that if I give Wattle Montessori less than the required Notice Period, I will be obliged to pay Wattle Montessori an amount equivalent to the relevant Notice Period’s worth of gross Childcare Fees (excluding CCS, Additional Child Care Subsidy or “third party payers”) that I would otherwise owe to Wattle Montessori based on my use of the Services (and my Booked Days) at the time of giving notice.
  3. I acknowledge that:
  • Any changes to my account billing details must be advised to, and formalised with, the administration office of Wattle Montessori by 12.00 pm on the Friday before my Child’s billing day and that any changes requested after this time may not be implemented before the next billing day; and
  • The completion of a new credit card or direct bank debit form is required before any changes can be made to my account billing details.


  1. Wattle Montessori excludes all implied conditions and warranties from these Terms and Conditions except any condition or warranty (such as conditions and warranties implied by legislation) which cannot, by law, be excluded. Wattle Montessori’s liability in respect of the Services is limited to:
  • Supplying the Services again; or
  • Payment of the cost of having the Services supplied again.
  1. I acknowledge that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, Wattle Montessori excludes all liability for any costs, expenses, losses and damages suffered by me, whether that liability arises in contract, tort (including by Wattle Montessori’s negligence) or under statute in connection with its provision of the Services. Without limitation, Wattle Montessori will in no circumstances be liable for any indirect or consequential losses, including loss of profits, loss of revenue and loss of business opportunity.

 No solicitation of staff

  1. I will not offer to employ or engage or procure or seek to procure the services of any Employee of Wattle Montessori during my Child’s enrolment and for a period of 12 months after my Child’s enrolment ends.


  1. I acknowledge that Wattle Montessori:
  • Collects personal information regarding the provision of the Services and for invoicing; and
  • May disclose this personal information to its associated companies, to credit reporting agencies and other third parties, such as debt collection agencies, as required.
  1. I confirm that I am aware of Wattle Montessori’s privacy policy, which is accessible on the Wattle Montessori website.

 Behaviour of Parents/Guardians

  1. I agree that I have a responsibility to treat all Wattle Montessori team members with respect, and I always agree to behave appropriately when dealing with any Employee. Swearing, raised voices and rudeness directed at team members will not be tolerated. I understand that my Child’s enrolment may be terminated if I breach this provision.
  2. I acknowledge the personal and sensitive nature and context of the Services and information provided in relation to the Services, and agree to keep, and ensure that others keep, all correspondence, documents and/or other information provided to me by Wattle Montessori or in relation to the Services confidential.
  3. I acknowledge that through parent applications (such as Storypark), I may be privy to information and photos of other Children in Wattle Montessori’s care. I acknowledge this may be considered personal and sensitive information about other Children. I must not post, republish, reproduce or communicate content of or about other Children on or through any other platform, forum or medium unless I have the consent of the Child’s parents to do so.
  4. I understand that Wattle Montessori can choose not to accept my Child into care if:
  • Any of these Terms and Conditions are breached; or
  • Wattle Montessori believes it is unable to adequately care for my Child due to any special or medical needs or behavioural problems.
  1. Wattle Montessori reserves the right to terminate, without notice, the Services in respect of my Child if it believes (in its absolute discretion) that to do so is in the best interests of:
  • The Child,
  • Other Children in that Child Care Centre,
  • The Employees; or
  • The business operations or reputation of Wattle Montessori.
  1. Wattle Montessori reserves the right to refuse entry to its Child Care Centre to anyone for any reason and at any time.


  1. I accept that Wattle Montessori may change these Terms and Conditions without notice to me provided that the updated Terms and Conditions are made available here.
  2. If changes to the Terms and Conditions would reasonably be expected to be material, I will be given reasonable notice before such changes apply.

 Governing law

  1. The laws of the State where the Child is enrolled apply to these Terms and Conditions and any services provided by Wattle Montessori.


Administration Fee means the fee that Wattle Montessori determines is payable each time there are insufficient funds in my bank account (or if my credit card is rejected by the bank).

Booked Days means the days on which a Child is booked per week under a Standard Enrolment to regularly receive the Services at a Child Care Centre, as set out in the Enrolment Confirmation.

Child Care Centre means a premises or location managed or controlled by Wattle Montessori from which it provides the Services.

CCS means the government approved Childcare subsidy.

Childcare Fees means the fees that Wattle Montessori determines are payable for a Child’s enrolment at a Child Care Centre, and include fees payable for Booked Days, Wattle Montessori Extra Days and/or Wattle Montessori Flexi Days (and where applicable means the aggregate of these fees over time).

Commencement Date means the date on which a Child’s enrolment starts, as set out in that Child’s Enrolment Confirmation.

CRN means a customer reference number from Centrelink.

Employee means any employee, servant, contractor or agent of Wattle Montessori or any other person attending at a Child Care Centre with the permission of Wattle Montessori in relation to the provision of the Services.

Enrolment Confirmation means the correspondence sent to a Child’s parent or guardian by Wattle Montessori, confirming the Commencement Date, Room, Booked Days (as applicable), Childcare Fees and other terms and conditions upon which that Child is enrolled at a Child Care Centre.

Enrolment Fee means a non-refundable fee payable to Wattle Montessori upon acceptance of a Child’s offer of enrolment.

Enrolment Form means the Wattle Montessori enrolment form completed in relation to my Child’s enrolment at a Child Care Centre.

Initial Payment means a payment equal to the number of weeks’ gross Childcare Fees determined by Wattle Montessori (such amount to be advised in accordance with the Enrolment Confirmation) required to secure my Child’s Standard Enrolment at a Child Care Centre.

Medication Authorisation Form means the form described as such and completed and signed as part of the enrolment process for a Child.

Notice Period has the meaning given in clause 37.

Wattle Montessori Extra Day means a day on which a Child under a Standard Enrolment attends a Child Care Centre and receives the Services that falls outside the Child’s Booked Days or other structured enrolment schedule (as may be arranged with Wattle Montessori from time to time).

Wattle Montessori Extra Day Fee means the fee Wattle Montessori determines is payable for an Wattle Montessori Extra Day attendance by a Child.

Wattle Montessori means Wattle Montessori and/or any associated entity that manages or operates a Child Care Centre or provides Services, and where the context requires includes its Employees.

Room means the room in which the Child is booked to receive the Services as set out in the Enrolment Confirmation.

Services means services in relation to the education, development, care and well- being of Children and related services provided at or by means of a Child Care Centre.

Standard Enrolment means a Child’s enrolment to attend a Child Care Centre on Booked Days or following another structured enrolment schedule (as may be arranged with Wattle Montessori from time to time).